Tutorials for Hyperelastic Materials

The tutorials described in this section are located in tutorials/solid/hyperelasticity folder. Hyperelastic laws are typically used to represent the mechanical behavior of rubbery materials and also soft tissues, such as arterial tissue. The motion of this type of solids is normally in the range of large deformations, in which the small-strain theory cannot be applied. In this situation, different mathemathical formulations of the governing equations of the motion exist known as total or updated Lagrangian formulations (see the documention). These are implemented under the solidModel class in solids4foam and will be exemplified in the next tutorials.

Only three representatives examples are described, but others are also available. The choice for different solidModels to use must be set in the dictionary constant/solidProperties for a solid-only analysis, while the mechanical properties of the material used are set in the dictionary constant/mechanicalProperties.

Tutorial Guides